The mission of The Kimbo Foundation is to recognize and encourage students who show exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential for the Korean community, and to provide them with financial support in their endeavour to study.


The Kimbo Foundation was established in June 1987 by Mr.Geon Yong Kim(1922-2009), who was an early Korean immigrant to the United States (1957). His career as a teacher in Korea and his love for God and the Korean community, prompted his establishing The Kimbo Foundation, a nonprofit public benefit corporation. He had gone through many difficult stages in his life both in Korea and in the US. Because of his difficult past, he knew how to appreciate the rewards he received after his restless work. He had a strong will to contribute his hard earned money for a better future of the Korean community in the United States, especially for the Korean students who will carry out American dreams.


We will gladly accept tax-deductible contributions to the foundation, which will be used to offer additional scholarship. The Bible says, "Freely you have received, freely give." (Mathew 10:8)

If you wish to donate to the foundation, please contact each branch of the Korea Daily or The Kimbo Foundation. Your contribution will be added to current scholarship to benefit more students who are in need.

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